SEOPress Pro Nulled – Best WordPress SEO Plugin Free Download

SEOPress Pro Nulled – Best WordPress SEO Plugin Free Download
SEOPress Pro Nulled – Best WordPress SEO Plugin Free Download
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SEOPress PRO Nulled is a powerful plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, create breadcrumbs, manage redirects 301 and so much more.

Keyword Rank Tracker

Track rankings from Google Search results from 36 different locations (complete list in our FAQ).
Enter your own keywords directly from SEOPress Insights and our API will send you your rankings daily.
Thanks to the daily monitoring of your keywords, precisely analyze the SEO performance of your site.
Detect problems and act on them before it’s too late.

Keyword Rank Tracker for WordPress - SEOPress Insights
  • Positions Where you are ranking in Google search results
  • URL The URL found in Google search results
  • Search volume Number of searches per month for this keyword on the selected search engine from the settings
  • CPC The Cost Per Click for the keyword in dollars
  • Competition Competition for the keyword in Google Ads. 0 for no competition, 1 for very competitive.
  • Favorite Mark some keywords as favorite to quickly find them in our Insights Dashboard page.

Monitor and analyse your Backlinks

Backlinks are a key factor for SEO.
With our backlink tracking tool, determine which sites link to your site based on criteria
such as popularity (CF: Citation Flow, TF: Trust Flow), language, country…
A crucial decision aid in your backlinks campaigns, establishing partnerships with other sites, targeted advertising, etc.
Detect negative SEO easily (sites making hundreds of poor quality links to your site to harm you).

Backlinks from WordPress - SEOPress Insights
Backlinks from WordPress - SEOPress Insights
  • Source URL The URL ranking in Google search results
  • Anchor URL The text content of the backlink.
  • Target URL The destination URL of your backlink.
  • Language The main language used on this website.
  • Nofollow? Is the nofollow attribute present on the link?
  • Citation Flow Citation Flow is a trademark of Majestic. Citation Flow is a score between 0-100 which helps to measure the link equity or “power” the website or link carries.
  • Trust Flow Trust Flow, a trademark of Majestic, is a score based on quality, on a scale between 0-100. Majestic collated many trusted seed sites based on a manual review of the web. Sites closely linked to a trusted seed site can see higher scores, whereas sites that may have some questionable links would see a much lower score.
  • Last Seen Date When the backlink was found for the last time on Internet.
  • Topic Categorization of the website. What is its main theme? eg: “Computers/Internet/Web Design and Development”

Google Trends

Explore what the world is searching with Google Trends.

Google Trends from WordPress - SEOPress Insights
  • Search by Term
  • Search by Category
  • Search by Country
  • Search by Time Range

Data to rule them all!

  • Data updated daily (rankings) and weekly (backlinks)
  • Export your data to CSV, PDF, Excel
  • Historic data: you keep your data even if you canceled your subscription!
  • Filter your keyword rankings by date range and/or keywords
  • Order your data by criteria
  • Show / hide columns

Optimize quickly and easily the SEO of
your WordPress site

All in one

All the features you need in one plugin: breadcrumbs, redirections, schemas, sitemaps, broken link checker…

Easy to use

Installation Wizard, quickly enable/disable features, modify your title tags in seconds…
Save time with SEOPress

White label. Ad-free!

No footprints in the source code, no ads, no anonymous data sent, white label, even in the free version.

All SEOPress Pro features



  • Meta title / description
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Cards
  • Dublin Core


  • WooCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads

Crawling / indexing

  • robots.txt / htaccess
  • Meta robots
  • Canonical URL


  • Automatically set the image Title / Alt / Caption / Description based on filename


  • RSS

Structure / redirect

XML / HTML sitemaps

  • XML sitemap
  • HTML sitemap
  • Image sitemap
  • Video sitemap
  • Author sitemap
  • News sitemap


  • Breadcrumbs

URL Rewriting

  • Search rewrite
  • Remove /category/ in URL


  • Manage 301 redirects
  • Redirect attachment pages to post parent
  • Redirect attachment pages to the file URL

Mark up

Google Structured Data types (schemas)

  • Local Business
  • Service
  • Article
  • Event
  • Job
  • Product
  • FAQ
  • Review
  • Recipe
  • Video
  • Course
  • Software Application
  • Custom

Google Knowledge Graph

  • Knowledge Graph
  • Social accounts

Link / Analyse / Monitor


  • Content analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Suggest
  • Google Page Speed


  • Google Analytics stats in WordPress Dashboard
  • Google News


  • Broken links
  • 404 monitoring
  • Rankings – track your keyword positions
  • Backlinks monitoring

Changelog – SEOPress Pro

= (30/04/2021) =

  • FIX Custom capabilities
  • FIX WC undefined function in specific cases

= (29/04/2021) =

  • FIX Fatal error

= 4.6 (29/04/2021) =

  • NEW Custom capabilities 🎉 (SEO, Advanced, Security)
  • NEW Bricks compatibility with our content analysis feature
  • NEW %%author_first_name%% dynamic variable to request user first name
  • NEW %%author_last_name%% dynamic variable to request user last name
  • NEW %%author_website%% dynamic variable to request user website
  • NEW %%author_nickname%% dynamic variable to request user nickname
  • NEW %%_ucf_your_user_meta%% dynamic variable to request user meta
  • NEW Complete refactoring of the manual schema module
  • NEW “Display a text before the Breadcrumbs” option
  • NEW Add og:locale and og:locale:alternate support for WPML
  • NEW Option to disable content analysis metabox (SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab)
  • NEW “seopress_remove_category_base” hook to filter /category/ slug
  • NEW Hooks to filter manual schemas:
    • seopress_get_json_data_organization
    • seopress_get_json_data_image
    • seopress_get_json_data_contact_point
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_author
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_article
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_aggreagate_rating
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_brand
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_course
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_event
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_faq
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_geo
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_how_to_step
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_job
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_local_business
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_main_entity
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_main_entity_of_page
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_monetary_amount
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_nutrition_information
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_offer
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_opening_hours
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_person
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_place
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_postal_address
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_product
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_rating
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_recipe
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_review
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_service
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_site_navigation_element
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_software_app
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_thing
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_video
    • seopress_pro_get_json_data_virtual_location
  • INFO Improve Themify Builer compatibility with Content Analysis
  • INFO Improve Oxygen compatibility in specific cases
  • INFO Allow to show taxonomies in Breadcrumbs for Page post type
  • INFO Elementor Dark mode compatibility
  • FIX Duplicated meta robots on WC pages (checkout, cart, account)
  • FIX Remove /category/ slug with WPML if the slug is translated
  • FIX Fatal error when connecting Google Analytics / Google Console if no permission
  • FIX Google Analytics widget logout after view lock
  • FIX Google Analytics listing properties error handling
  • FIX Canonical URL on paginated pages (is_singular && is_paged)
  • FIX PHP notice queried object
  • FIX JS Encoding for Google Preview
  • FIX Missing compatibility center options in export file
  • FIX Undefined index: image with FAQ Block (props to @audrasjb)
  • FIX LocalBusiness widget in specific cases
  • FIX SEOPress metaboxes not loaded in specific cases (props to @J-Brk)

= 4.5.1 (08/04/2021) =

  • NEW Where to display the cookie bar? option from SEO, Analytics, Cookie bar tab
  • INFO Stop loading the CSS for the admin bar if it doesn’t show up
  • INFO Allow HTML in Homepage field for Breadcrumbs
  • FIX Fatal error: Call to undefined function seopress_xml_sitemap_video_enable_option()
  • FIX Opening hours for Local Business widget
  • FIX Heading 1 in content analysis if no target keywords
  • FIX SEO columns design in posts list
  • FIX Quick edit design issue on save
  • FIX SmartCrawl import tool
  • FIX PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements in XML sitemaps
  • FIX Warning: date() expects parameter 2 to be int, string given
  • FIX Redirections capabilities on older versions of WordPress (< 5.0)
  • FIX White Label links in plugins list
  • FIX Primary category hierarchy in breadcrumbs
  • FIX Oxygen compatibility for Word counters / Keyword density
  • FIX i18n

= (26/03/2021) =

  • FIX PHP Error: Call to undefined function seopress_white_label_help_links_option()

= (26/03/2021) =

  • FIX PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function SEOPress\Tags\Schema\seopress_social_knowledge_phone_number_option()

= 4.5 (25/03/2021) =

  • NEW HTML sitemap enhancements: add HTML classes
  • NEW HTML sitemap enhancements: new option to remove links from archive pages
  • NEW HTML sitemap enhancements: new shortcode attribute to request specific custom post types
  • NEW Dynamic variable: %%target_keyword%%
  • NEW Import tools: Platinum SEO Pack, SmartCrawl and SEOPressor
  • NEW Allow user to change its choice about cookies (SEO, Analytics, Cookie bar tab to enable the option)
  • NEW Compatibility center (SEO, Tools) for better integration with other plugins (eg: Page Builders) without adding code
  • NEW Add our dynamic variables dropdown to global meta title / meta description settings page
  • NEW Add heading 1 (H1) check to Content Analysis feature
  • NEW Add Inbound links / Orphaned pages check to Content Analysis feature
  • NEW Use dynamic variables in social metadata (Open Graph and Twitter cards)
  • NEW Multiple opening hours (morning / afternoon) for global Local Business schema (PRO)
  • NEW ‘seopress_resize_panel_elementor’ hook to prevent SEOPress resizes the Elementor Panel (
  • NEW ‘seopress_titles_robots_attrs’ hook to add meta robots attributes (
  • NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_no_archive_link’ hook to remove archive links in XML sitemaps (
  • NEW ‘seopress_breadcrumbs_force_archive_name’ hook to force archive name display on CPT with no archive (
  • NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_html_remove_archive’ hook to filter archive names in HTML sitemap (
  • NEW ‘seopress_auto_image_alt_target_kw’ hook to use target keywords for the alternative texts of the images (
  • NEW ‘seopress_export_redirections_query’ hook to filter export redirections query (
  • NEW ‘seopress_gtag_ec_status’ hook to change status of WC orders sent to Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (
  • INFO Improve accessibility for cookie bar
  • INFO Improve SEO columns display for posts, pages, custom post type lists
  • INFO Improve UI to warn users if some content are set to noindex and still included in XML sitemaps
  • INFO Improve UI / i18n for Google Analytics widget
  • INFO Improve UI if error on license activation
  • INFO Improve UI for BlogPosting schema
  • INFO Improve UI for global LocalBusiness schema
  • INFO Automatically add custom fields created with Toolset plugin to our Schema feature
  • INFO SEO and Content Analysis metaboxes are now completely independent (and prevent a lot of errors / warnings)
  • INFO Strengthening security
  • FIX Quick edit JS errors if noindex/nofollow columns are blocked (props to @mbis)
  • FIX i18n for Type of Employment on non English languages
  • FIX Webarx graph conflict
  • FIX Broken link checker error with 404 links
  • FIX PHP 8 errors with DIVI
  • FIX PHP 8 error with Google Preview for terms taxonomy
  • FIX Product variable price sent to Add to cart GA Enhanced Ecommerce event
  • FIX Elementor synchronization when duplicating posts
  • FIX Attachment XML sitemaps
  • FIX Oxygen content analysis in specific cases
  • FIX AIO import tool

= (05/03/2021) =

  • NEW WordPress 5.7 compatibility
  • INFO Improve UI
  • FIX Site Title default setting
  • FIX Automatic Product schema without WooCommerce
  • FIX seopress_mu_white_label_admin_title_callback warning in multisite setup
  • FIX JS error at checkout preventing users to remove products

= (26/02/2021) =

  • INFO Improve UI by adding a new tab (Image SEO) to the Advanced settings page
  • FIX Quick edit metadata from posts list
  • FIX WooCommerce Breadcrumbs Shop page

= (19/02/2021) =

  • FIX “Use the target keywords if not alternative text set for the image” option

= (18/02/2021) =

  • INFO Add “View my RSS feed” button to SEO, PRO, RSS tab
  • INFO Improve performance for video xml sitemap
  • FIX Help tabs missing
  • FIX Content analysis compatibility for Oxygen Page Builder
  • FIX Variable products for automatic schema
  • FIX Product currency property for automatic product schema
  • FIX Ecommerce tracking on purchases
  • FIX PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function is_type()

= (12/02/2021) =

  • FIX Fatal errors in posts list

= (12/02/2021) =

  • FIX Homepage title

= (12/02/2021) =

  • FIX Fatal errors

= 4.4 = 12/02/2021

  • NEW Complete code refactoring on Titles and metas feature 🎉
  • NEW Preview dynamic tags on post list columns 🎉
  • NEW Live preview when adding dynamic variables for Google Preview 🎉
  • NEW Add Local Business types to automatic schemas as new mapping option to avoid entering manually a business type 🎉 (PRO)
  • NEW Support variable products for automatic product schema (PRO) 🎉
  • NEW Support Global Product Identifiers for variable products (PRO)
  • NEW Dashboard notification if Google Analytics is enabled without UA or GA4 ids
  • NEW White Label option to change the SEO menu name (PRO)
  • NEW Add post ID to automatic schemas as new mapping option (PRO)
  • INFO Remove jQuery for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce (no more jQuery with GA tracking code 🎉)
  • INFO Improve wizard assistant user interface
  • INFO Stop adding uppercase on the first letter of each word when automatically adding media attributes (eg: alt tag)
  • INFO Add new help tabs for Sitemaps and Social networks settings page to improve user experience
  • FIX Cornerstone compatibility issue with our content analysis feature
  • FIX Oxygen compatibility issue with our content analysis feature (“2 meta robots found”)
  • FIX CSV broken link export with specific PHP configuration
  • FIX Social tags for term taxonomies
  • FIX White label: some SEOPress links weren’t hidden
  • FIX WPML XML configuration file (wpml-config.xml)
  • FIX GA Enhanced Ecommerce check on status order for measuring purchases
  • FIX GA Enhanced Ecommerce add_to_cart event from archive product page

= = 19/01/2021

  • FIX Analytics tracking code if no UA-XXX set
  • FIX Conflict Google Analytics with UpdraftPlus (PRO)

= = 15/01/2021

  • FIX Fatal error
  • FIX Product price with taxes for automatic product schema (default: sale price, fallback: regular price)
  • FIX Fatal error get_price in specific cases

= 4.3 = 14/01/2021

  • NEW PHP 8 compatibility
  • NEW “Disable notifications on slug changes or post deletions” option from SEO, PRO, 404/301 tab (PRO)
  • NEW “Canonical URL” check added to content analysis
  • NEW Quickly enable/disable noindex/nofollow using Quick Edit feature from post lists
  • NEW Import Primary Category with our CSV import tool (PRO)
  • NEW Add a new field for automatic schema to get product price with taxes (PRO)
  • INFO Refactoring XML sitemaps feature to avoid conflicts with other plugins / themes
  • INFO Improve configuration wizard
  • INFO Improve design and accessibility for SEO columns from post lists
  • INFO Remove recommended links if White Label is enabled
  • INFO Improve UI / UX
  • INFO Strengthening security
  • INFO “seopress_sitemaps_single_img” filter can now be used without adding images to post content
  • INFO Converting Rank Math dynamic variables on migration
  • FIX Google Analysis stats in dashboard widget
  • FIX “Show content analysis score column in post types” option from SEO, Advanced, Appearance tab
  • FIX “Set default tab for Structured data metabox” option from SEO, Advanced, Appearance tab
  • FIX Password protected page meta
  • FIX Cookie bar backdrop
  • FIX RSS after/before content
  • FIX noindex on WooCommerce pages if WC toggle off
  • FIX Block editor notification on post save
  • FIX Conflict with Post Type Order plugin
  • FIX Notice: trying to get property “name” of non-object

= 4.2.1 = 17/12/2020

  • INFO Improve accessibility
  • INFO Improve PHP compatibility with version < 7.0
  • FIX Fatal error “register_block_type” with WP < 5.0
  • FIX Manual custom schema saving
  • FIX i18n updater

= 4.2 = 11/12/2020

  • NEW WordPress 5.6 compatibility 🎉
  • NEW Unlimited manual schemas per post / page / post type (PRO) 🎉
  • NEW Google Analytics v4 compatibility 🎉
  • NEW FAQ block (with schema) for Block Editor (Gutenberg) 🎉
  • NEW CRON to request Google Analytics stats in WP Dashboard hourly to improve performance (PRO)
  • NEW Automatically add Oxygen images to XML Image sitemaps
  • NEW Disable heatmaps and session recordings option for Matomo
  • NEW Make Local Business and Rich snippet publisher logo options translatable with WPML and Polylang
  • NEW ‘seopress_gtag_ga4’ hook to filter Google Analytics measurement ID (
  • NEW ‘seopress_matomo_no_heatmaps’ hook to filter heatmaps and session recordings deactivation for Matomo (
  • NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_home_url’ hook to filter home_url in XSL (sitemaps stylesheet) (
  • INFO Change stats in dashboard frequency update from 1 to 2 hours
  • INFO Add visual feedback when saving settings
  • INFO Automatically remove SEOPress from EDD customer_discount post type
  • INFO Remove Oxygen metabox from Redirections and Schemas post types
  • FIX Change “Thing” to “Brand” for Brand property in Product schema
  • FIX 403 error on cookie bar Ajax request
  • FIX Error: Uncaught exception ‘Error’ with message ‘Call to a member function get_id() on bool’
  • FIX Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function seopress_local_business_page_option() in specific cases
  • FIX Compatibility issue with MalCure plugin
  • FIX Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in template-xml-sitemaps-single-term.php on line 69
  • FIX Enhanced Ecommerce tracking by adding order status check
  • FIX Title and meta description templates for Author archives with no posts (props @wpchannel)
  • FIX White label hide SEOPress’ links option
  • FIX Video sitemap issue

= 4.1.6 = 16/11/2020

  • NEW Import your redirect categories when importing redirects from CSV file
  • NEW ‘seopress_sitemaps_home_url’ hook to filter home_url in XML sitemaps (
  • INFO Add a link to find your Google Ads conversion ID (
  • INFO Add a link to create an automatic FAQ schema with ACF repeater field (
  • INFO Delete 404 errors manually even if enable 404 cleaning CRON is disabled (it was too confusing for the users)
  • FIX Revert: Exclude posts and terms from XML sitemaps if custom canonical URL set from SEO metabox

= = 10/11/2020

  • FIX DomDocument issue if “Automatically set the image Alt text from target keywords option” is enabled

= 4.1.5 = 9/11/2020

  • NEW Google Place ID field for Local Business Widget (SEO, PRO, Local Business) to display POI when clicking on the map link (PRO)
  • INFO Exclude posts and terms from XML sitemaps if custom canonical URL set from SEO metabox
  • FIX Empty Term taxonomy XML paginated sitemap
  • FIX Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function seopress_get_option_post_need_redirects() if filter ‘seopress_post_automatic_redirect’ used
  • FIX White label custom website for SEOPress PRO
  • FIX Conflict with WPML
  • FIX Bulk editing for 404 errors, ‘delete_redirections’ capability was missing
  • FIX Global LocalBusiness schema
  • FIX DomDocument issue if “Automatically set the image Alt text from target keywords” is enabled (thanks to Emilien Degert)

= 4.1.4 = 4/11/2020

  • INFO Improve cookie bar default design
  • INFO Update NGINX configuration informations on XML sitemaps page
  • INFO Update updater to support automatic updates
  • FIX Google suggestions to target keywords field
  • FIX Tagify not defined in term taxonomy editing page
  • FIX Conflict with BuddyBoss search page
  • FIX Notice Trying to get property ‘name’ of non-object 5 in options-titles-metas.php
  • FIX Notice Undefined offset in options-titles-metas.php

= 4.1.3 = 31/10/2020

  • FIX PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to Elementor\Core\Settings\Page\Manager::ajax_before_save_settings() must be of the type array, null given
  • FIX Delete bulk edit option for Redirections

How many keywords can I track?

You can enter up to 50 keywords. Sufficient for the vast majority of sites.

What is the maximum number of backlinks?

1,000 backlinks, 1 per referring domain (which is huge).

What are the 36 locations available? – English, – English, – French, – English, – French, – Deutsch, – Spanish, – Italy, – French, – Deutsch, – French, – The Netherlands, – Spanish, – Portuguese, – Spanish, – Turkish, – French, – Swedish, – English,, – Polish, – Spanish, – The Netherlands, – Deutsch, – French, – French, – French, – Russian, – English, – Japanese, – Greek, – Deutsch, – Spanish, – New Zealand, – Australia, – India

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my data (rankings and backlinks)?

No. Your data is saved on your database. However, you will stop receiving updates from our API (rankings and backlinks) and automatic updates.

On how many sites can I use my license?

1 site.

Can I buy a lifetime license?

No, we do not offer lifetime license.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay securely with PayPal or Stripe (credit card).

How many languages are available?

2 languages: English and French. More languages will be added soon.

Is SEOPress Free required?

Yes, SEOPress Insights works like an add-on of SEOPress Free. However, SEOPress PRO is not required.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support by mail from your customer account.
Plus videos and blog posts.

Can I export my rankings and backlinks?

Yes you can export your data to a CSV, Excel file or your clipboard.

Download – SEOPress Pro

If you are having trouble with Free Download SEOPress Pro Nulled Crack, try to disable AD blocking for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling the AD blocker or change the Web Browser not help you please contact us.

How can I make sure my script and templates are virus-free?

If you want to make sure that an add-on is virus-free, you can use to analyze files online through your browser and be sure that they are safe files.

Are the free downloads of SEOPress Pro nulled safe?

Yes, they are safe since they are 100% original, bought from the developers.

Scripts and themes under GPL License

All Scripts are 100% original under GPL General Public Licenses. (Non-nulled / crack version), you can use them as often as you like and on all the sites you want.

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