WooCommerce Floating Cart 2.3.0 Nulled – Best Ecommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Floating Cart 2.3.0 Nulled - Best Ecommerce Plugin
WooCommerce Floating Cart 2.3.0 Nulled - Best Ecommerce Plugin

WooCommerce Floating Cart Nulled for that slides in when the user decides to buy an item. Woo Floating Cart Nulled Fully customizable right from WordPress Customizer with Live Preview. Products, quantities and prices are updated instantly via Ajax.

Features – Floating Cart 2.3.0

  • Select between Morph or Slide Animation
  • Change Cart Position
  • Change Cart Width / Height
  • Change Counter Position
  • Custom Colors / Backgrounds
  • Custom Icons (SVG / Image / Font Icons)
  • Apply Google Fonts
  • Customize using WordPress Customizer Live Preview
  • Select between 11 loading spinner animations
  • Enable Fly To Cart animation
  • Exclude pages from displaying the cart
  • Device Visibility options
  • Enable Cart Totals
  • Enable Cart Coupons
  • Enable 1 Step Checkout Form
  • Enable Suggested Products
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported on Single Product pages
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported within Quick View Modals
  • Ajax Remove / Undo product from the cart
  • Option to change the checkout link to redirect to the cart page instead
  • Option to trigger the cart on Mouse Over with optional delay
  • Select between Subtotal or Total to be displayed within the checkout button
  • Product Variations Support
  • Display product attributes within the cart
  • RTL Support
  • Automated Updates
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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where site visitors are adding your products to the cart, but then leave your store without finalizing their purchase? You come so close to securing a sale, but then POOF! The visitors bounce from your site?

If this scenario sounds familiar, I have some good news for you. Adding a product to the cart is a good thing even if the visitors did not convert yet, you have won half the battle because they are interested in what you are offering.

With a little tinkering to your online store, a little perseverance, and smart marketing tactics, you will be able to transform those abandoned carts into converting clients.

With that empowerment in mind, I present to you the perfect solution that will improve customer buying experience and encourage your clients to click the “checkout” button.

With Woo Floating Cart, not only you’ll make your site more interactive, a cart icon with item count will always be visible on all pages and a sliding cart will be triggered when your site visitors decide to purchase an item.

The cart displays the items with the total and a checkout button in order to make the purchase decision easier for your client. You can also enable the full checkout form within the floating cart which will let customers place orders directly without having to load a new page.

Recommended & Supported Themes – Floating Cart 2.3.0

The plugin should work with any theme. Here is a list of recommended and officially supported themes:

  • Astra
  • Divi
  • StoreFront
  • FlatSome
  • Porto
  • Top Store
  • Open Mart

Changelog – Floating Cart 2.3.0

V.2.3.1 – 01.04.2021

  • newTrigger / Cart offset option is now available in free version
  • enhanceCustomizer – Reorganised Sections
  • fixMinor CSS Fixes

V.2.3.0 – 31.03.2021

  • fixFix intermittent issue with paypal express button not showing the first time after adding to cart
  • supportMultisite – Network Level License Management
  • updateXT Framework update

V.2.2.4 – 23.03.2021

  • fixXT Framework update / fixes

V.2.2.3 – 22.03.2021

  • fixFixed issue with customizer option values not being pulled correctly
  • updateXT Framework update

V.2.2.2 – 03.03.2021

  • newAdded option to change cart totals font size
  • newAllow displaying total savings (when enabled) even when cart totals are disabled.
  • updateXT Framework update

V.2.2.0 – 02.03.2021

  • newAdded option to change product thumbnail radius, border color and padding.
  • newAdded option to change suggested product title color
  • fixMinor CSS Fixes
  • updateXT Framework update

V.2.1.8 – 12.02.2021

  • newAdded Modal Mode within the General Settings. When enabled, the cart will open as a modal in the middle of the screen.
  • fixMinor CSS Fixes

V.2.1.7 – 10.02.2021

  • newUpdated the GSAP library
  • fixFixed conflicts between the GSAP version loaded by the plugin and other versions.

V.2.1.6 – 28.01.2021

  • newAdded new Display Type option for suggested products. Select between Slider or Rows.
  • updateRemoved “minicart.php” template file.
  • fixFixed total saving calculation to include all discounts
  • fixMinor Customizer Fixes
  • fixMinor CSS Fixes

V.2.1.5 – 26.01.2021

  • fixRemove variation attributes from product title only within the floating cart, keep the default behaviour outside the cart.

V.2.1.3 – 23.01.2021

  • fixFixed issue with Woo Add To Cart, ajax add to cart option not disabling correctly.

V.2.1.2 – 21.01.2021

  • newPro Added new paypal express checkout integration. The button will nicely be displayed below the existing checkout button. See: / Requires:
  • newAdded JS API function: xt_woofc_is_cart_empty()
  • fixMinor CSS Fixes
  • fixPrevent buy now buttons from adding to cart.
  • fixPrevent scrolling to top when clicking on radio buttons within the customizer.

V.2.1.1 – 20.01.2021

  • newPro Added new option to display available coupon list that can be applied easily.
  • newPro Added new option to hide main trigger if you only wish to trigger the cart using the API, shortcode, menu cart item or from custom selectors set above.
  • supportAdded better fallback support older browsers
  • enhanceRemove variation info from product title (since recent woocommerce version). Only show attributes below the title if the option is enabled.
  • enhanceAnimate counter when count changes
  • enhanceMinor cart totals / shipping css enhancement
  • enhanceThrottle quantity update when clicking on the plus / minus buttons. This way, increasing quantity can be done faster while minimizing the number of update requests.
  • fixJavascript API Minor fixes
  • updateUpdated .pot language file

V.2.1.0 – 18.01.2021

  • supportSupport more third party quick views / modals that contains add to cart buttons
  • fixMinor CSS Fixes

V.2.0.9 – 14.01.2021

  • newAdded option within Woo Add To Cart module to force fragment refresh after single add to cart. Enable this only if you notice that after adding a product to the cart, the totals are not correct due to conflicts with your theme or other plugins.

V.2.0.8 – 06.01.2021

  • fixRemove cart quantity form html filter hook to prevent 3rd party themes / plugins from modifying the look and feel of it and avoid conflicts

V.2.0.7 – 25.12.2020

  • fixMinor fix when debug mode is enabled, Undefined Variable: $output in quantity template file.

V.2.0.6 – 16.12.2020

  • fixFixed issue with Germanized for WooCommerce Plugin not showing info for the first cart item.
  • fixFix quantity input display with bundle / composite items.
  • fixFix issue with single add to cart not adding anything only in customizer preview
  • newAdded new hooks xt_woofc_after_product_attributes and xt_woofc_after_product_attributes that can be used to inject info before or after product attributes
  • supportAdded support for composite product in cart edit link.

V.2.0.5 – 14.12.2020

  • fixMinor CSS Fixes
  • enhanceAlways keep cart totals at the bottom.
  • enhancePro Much better and smoother auto height
  • enhanceSmoother delete / remove animation
  • updateUpdated list template public/templates/parts/list.php
  • updateUpdated product template public/templates/parts/cart/list/product.php
  • updateUpdated product title template public/templates/parts/cart/list/product/title.php
  • supportAdded support for Germanized for WooCommerce Plugin

V.2.0.4 – 11.12.2020

  • fixPro Apply product title truncate option to the suggested product titles as well.
  • fixPro Fixed error when adding the shortcode within an Elementor page.
  • supportSupport WooCommerce Min Max Quantities plugin
  • supportAdded support for Loco Translate by adding a loco.xml bundle config file.
  • updateUpdated translation file

V.2.0.3 – 09.12.2020

  • fixCSS fixes
  • fixRemove duplicated CSS variables in frontend.css
  • enhanceKeep displaying error notices, hide other notices after couple of seconds
  • supportSupport WooCommerce v4.8
  • supportSupport WP 5.6

V.2.0.2 – 08.12.2020

  • supportAdded support for the latest jQuery modern version 3.5.1

V.2.0.1 – 07.12.2020

  • fixPro Fixed missing css vars for the trigger shortcode
  • fixFixed missing css vars for the default trigger image icon
  • fixFixed issue with single add to cart form validation

V.2.0.0 – 05.12.2020

  • newPro Added option to display squared or full height product images.
  • newPro Added option to adjust product image width
  • newPro Added option to truncate / un-truncate product title on overflow.
  • newPro Added option to set extra trigger custom css selectors. You can now insert your existing theme cart icon selector or any other elements and they will act as a trigger.
  • newPro Added manual product selection option for the suggested products.
  • newPro A trash icon can now be selected instead of the remove text link
  • fixFixed issue with quantity minus / plus buttons not working within the customizer.
  • fixFixed issue with quantity validation before adding to cart.
  • fixRemove quantity input for bundled product items.
  • enhanceMajor customizer CSS changes. All customizer options are now native CSS Variables. Much leaner styles without css duplications.
  • enhanceRestructure Customizer Product Item Options
  • enhanceAdded narrow display mode. The cart will automatically be in narrow mode if the cart width is below 300px;
  • supportDropped support for IE 11 since it does not support CSS variables and never will.
  • UpdateUpdated translation file
  • updateXT Framework update

V.1.8.8 – 27.11.2020

  • fixFixed conflict with Divi Visual Builder.
  • supportSupport WooCommerce Extra Product Options. Single ajax add to cart will support adding all fields including file uploads.
  • supportSupport FB Pixel add to cart event tracking on mobile.
  • newAdded more notices within the header. On add to cart, remove, restore, shipping info updated, coupon added / removed.
  • updateXT Framework update

Download – Floating Cart 2.3.0

Demo – Floating Cart 2.3.0

If you are having trouble with Free Download Floating Cart 2.3.0 Nulled Crack, try to disable AD blocking for the site or try another Web Browser. If disabling the AD blocker or change the Web Browser not help you please contact us.

How can I make sure my script and templates are virus-free?

If you want to make sure that an add-on is virus-free, you can use to analyze files online through your browser and be sure that they are safe files.

Are the free downloads of Floating Cart 2.3.0 nulled safe?

Yes, they are safe since they are 100% original, bought from the developers.

Scripts and themes under GPL License

All Scripts are 100% original under GPL General Public Licenses. (Non-nulled / crack version), you can use them as often as you like and on all the sites you want.

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