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WooCommerce Smart Refunder removes pain from the refund process – both for customers and store owners.

With WooCommerce Smart Refunder:

  • Customers can request a refund from My Account – easy, quick and complete
  • Customer get instant refunds if store owners opt in and the payment gateway supports it
  • Store owners can see refund requests in WooCommerce and process them manually, if instant refunds are unavailable
  • Store owners can issue cash refunds or store credits (need a separate plugin Smart Coupons)
  • Customers can request full or partial refunds
  • Order and pricing details are available for review
  • The process is quick, simple and automated

A refund means you’ve lost a customer. Delay and complications could lose them forever

Digital / Downloadable Products

If you are selling virtual products, digital goods or subscriptions – the refund process can be fully automated with WooCommerce Smart Refunder. Customers request a refund and get it instantly.

Cash Refunds or Coupons

If you have chosen to provide coupons for refunds, and customers want them, a new coupon is emailed instantly.
Physical Products

If you are selling physical products or a gateway that doesn’t support refunds, Smart Refunder allows customers to request refunds from My Account and shows refund requests to you in WooCommerce. You then process them manually and complete refund requests. This saves you time since all required details are available at your fingertips.

Typical Refund Process

  • Unhappy Customer contacts support team via email/chat/phone
  • The customer gives order/product details and asks for a refund
  • The store owner looks into the request, verifies the order in WooCommerce and the payment
  • If the store owner cannot find the transaction, more details are requested from customer
  • Once transaction details are confirmed, the store owner logs into PayPal (or chosen gateway) website
  • Store owner locates the transaction and issues a refund, then replies to a customer that a refund has been issued

This process could take hours to days, depending on how quickly support requests are processed. It’s never a pleasant experience for the store owner or customer.

Smart Refunder Process

  • Customer logs in to My Account area and locates the order for a refund
  • Customer completes refund request form, mentioning reason and amount of refund
  • Status of the order changes to “refund-requested”
  • Based on settings and payment gateway compatibility, an instant cash refund or coupon is issued
  • If the instant refund is not allowed/possible, the store owner can manage the refund from WooCommerce
  • Processing the refund, the store owner can accept or reject refund, issue full or partial refund, and can also send a message to the customer.
  • Both customer and admin get email notifications of all updates
  • Order status changes to “refunded” once processed


Smart Refunder marks a new era in refund/returns management with WooCommerce. Eliminate the pain of requesting and handling refunds. Start using Smart Refunder today.


Ensure to use WooCommerce 2.5 or later before installing WooCommerce Smart Refunder.

  1. Download the .zip file from this page.
  2. Go toWordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded with Choose File.
  3. Activate the extension.

More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins (

Storewide Settings

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Smart Refunder Storewide settings

You can access this setting from ‘Smart Refunder‘ tab at ‘WooCommerce -> Settings

  1. Offer Coupons: If the checkbox is checked, customer will have additional option to choose coupon for refund along with money. If the customer is planning to buy another product from your store he /she can choose coupon which they can use on your store to buy that product.
  2. Refund Period: Here store owner can enter number of days, and customer will be able to submit their refund request within these many days from order completion date. If no value is entered, it’ll allow request for refund for all older order also.

2Checkout API Settings

Go to ‘Smart Refunder‘ tab of ‘WooCommerce -> Settings‘ & select on ‘2Checkout‘. To enable ‘Instant refund‘ for 2Checkout, you’ll need to add your 2Checkout API details. If you don’t know your 2Checkout API details, follow this link
2Checkout’s documentation ( on obtaining API credentials for 2Checkout.

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Smart Refunder 2Checkout API Setting

Making Refund Request

When customers are logged in & they are on My Account page, they’ll see additional button ‘Request Refund‘ with each of their completed orders.

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Request Refund From My Account

Clicking this button, they’ll see this window.

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Refund Request Form For Customer
  • At the top, it’ll show information about how much they had paid for the order and when, how much is already refunded (if partially refunded previously)
  • If ‘Offer Coupon‘ is checked, in Smart Refunder setting, customer will have option to choose either coupon or money for refund, under ‘I would like to get’
  • Then they can choose, how much amount they want for refund
  • They can also write reason or any message that they want to send to store.
  • On clicking ‘Send My Request‘, if the request will be submitted successfully, they’ll see confirmation like this.Refund Request Success Message 

Email sent to customer:

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Refund Request To Customer

Managing Refund Requests

When ‘Refund Behavior‘ checkbox is unchecked at ‘Smart Refunder Storewide settings’ this process will come in picture, otherwise not.

Whenever any customer will make a Refund Request, store owner will receive an email containing ‘Refund Request details‘ and 2 buttons: ‘Refund Now‘, ‘Manage / Reject Refund‘ like this

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Refund Request To Store Owner

Store owner will also have these buttons on Order list of WooCommerce, in ‘Actions‘ column like this

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Smart Refunder Actions

If store owner will click on ‘Manage / Reject Refund‘ button from email, they might see login page, because store owner should be logged in to process refund.
After logging in & clicking ‘Manage / Reject Refund’ button, this window will open up

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Manager Refund Request form for Store Owners
  • This window will have details about order, how much & when it was paid, how much is already refunded (if partially refunded previously).
  • Then it’ll have information about what ‘Customer wants’ along with reason / message (if any)
  • After this, Store owner will have amount field, if he / she wants to modify refund amount.
  • Then can also enter a message which will be sent to customer via email.

Possible actions in managing refund request:

  • If customer has requested money:
    1. If payment gateway of the order doesn’t support ‘Instant Refund’, store owners can refund manually. Then order will be marked as refunded. But we would recommend store owner to mark it as refunded only when they know that all the transaction related to the order is completed.
    2. If payment gateway supports ‘Instant Refund’, you’ll get ‘Send Refund Now‘ button. On clicking this button, refund will be processed immediately & refund will be reflected in your & your customer’s account.
  • If customer has requested coupon:
    1. After clicking the ‘Send Refund Now’ button, a coupon will be generated of the amount entered by the owner or of the amount customer has requested & its code will be sent to customer’s email like this.Email Coupon Code To CustomerStore Owner will see a confirmation like this.Issued Coupon SuccessAlong with that, the generated coupon code will also be recorded in ‘Order Notes’ for future reference.
    2. After logging in and clicking ‘Send Refund Now’ button from ‘Actions’ column of Orders, the refunds will be process immediately & after completion of the process store owner will see confirmation in popup window. This process will be same for ‘Refund Now’ button from email.

The only difference between ‘Send Refund Now’ & ‘Manage / Reject Refund’ is that ‘Send Refund Now’ doesn’t allow to edit refund amount and it doesn’t allow to add any message for customer. It’s like store owner accepts ‘Refund Request’ from customer with all agreement.

Screenshot Gallery

WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Refund Now
WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Refund Request Status
WooCommerce Smart Refunder
WooCommerce Orders list
WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Smart Refunder Recorded Activity
WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Issue Coupon Success Email To Store Owner
WooCommerce Smart Refunder
Mark Refund Success


Which product types are supported?

A refund request can be submitted for all product types. If the instant refund is enabled in storewide setting & payment gateway supports instant refund, a refund will be processed immediately only for digital/downloadable/virtual products. For physical products, it’ll be held for review.

Which payment gateways are supported for instant refund?

WooCommerce Smart Refunder

Instant refund will work only if that payment gateway supports refunds, otherwise store admin will have an option to refund manually. Check below screenshot to find out steps if your payment gateway supports instant refunds:



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How can I make sure my script and templates are virus-free?

If you want to make sure that an add-on is virus-free, you can use to analyze files online through your browser and be sure that they are safe files.

Are the free downloads of Smart Refunder 1.5.4 nulled safe?

Yes, they are safe since they are 100% original, bought from the developers.

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All Scripts are 100% original under GPL General Public Licenses. (Non-nulled / crack version), you can use them as often as you like and on all the sites you want.

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