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Slider Revolution Nulled is a new way to build rich & dynamic content for your websites. With our powerful visual editor, you can create modern designs in no time, and with no coding experience required. Revslider Nulled WordPress Plugin Create Sliders & Carousels, Hero Headers, Content Modules, Full Websites, Dynamic Solutions and Special FX with our amazing Add-Ons. 200+ templates are included in our online library. Cutting edge designs. Easily customized.

This versatile WordPress plugin helps beginner-and mid-level designers WOW their clients with pro-level visuals. You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive sliders:

  • Stunning visual elements such as sliders & carousels
  • Eye-grabbing hero sections that stand out
  • Whole websites that could win you awards
  • Full web pages that glue visitors to the screen
  • Rich and dynamic content your clients will LOVE

Without writing a line of code. In a matter of minutes. Using any type of media you want.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin - 3
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin - 4
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin - 5
Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin - 6

Slider Revolution 6 Highlights


Our goal is to deliver the ultimate experience to our loyal users. Version 6 of the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has an optimized editor with all options categorized intuitively, so you can work faster.

  • Better usability
  • Work faster & more efficiently
  • Eye friendly dark user interface
  • Improved loading times


Instead of only allowing layer in/out animations, the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder has the ability to add multiple animation steps to each layer animation.

  • Easy to understand structure
  • In-depth animation settings
  • New easing types
  • Animation presets


To fuel Slider Revolutions new UI and features, we prepared a large selection of high quality content for you to enhance your web projects immediately.

  • Many New templates
  • New images, videos, icons, etc.
  • Premade layer groups
  • Quickstyle layer presets
  • Add-Ons


Looking for a certain option and can’t find it? Need a detailed explanation of an option? Welcome to our live directory inside the editor.

  • Explanation for any option
  • Search & highlight options
  • Documentation & FAQ


Our completely revamped support center is designed to deliver the solution you are looking for with maximum efficiency.

  • Comprehensive FAQ
  • Detailed & structured documentation
  • Growing video tutorial list
  • Constantly updated content


One click of a button will update the Slider Revolution WordPress Builder to the latest available version, directly from our update servers.

  • The fastest way to update
  • Be the first to receive updates
  • System requirements analysis
  • Constantly updated content


To get you started, we provide a large library of beautiful templates. Increase efficiency and project quality without coding knowledge.

  • The right template for every occasion
  • From simple headers to full websites
  • Special FX templates with add-ons
  • New templates added regularly


Our library of royalty free media assets offers something for every need. Just point, click and publish your new content.

  • Assorted background images
  • HTML5 Videos
  • Object PNGs
  • Font Icons & SVGs
  • Premade Layer Groups


The Slider Revolution WordPress Builder includes a library of over 20 add-ons that add additional functionality to the core plugin.

  • Unparalleled possibilities
  • Special effects
  • Optional plugins
  • New add-ons added regularly


Our highly qualified support team is working in all time zones to deliver fast and competent help.

  • Recieve quick technical help
  • Response time below industry average
  • Highly acclaimed team

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  • PrestaShop Version: Slider Revolution Responsive Prestashop Module
  • Magento Version: Slider Revolution Responsive Magento Extension
  • Opencart Version: Slider Revolution Responsive Opencart Extension
  • Joomla Version: Slider Revolution Responsive Joomla Plugin

Version 6.4.10 (29th April 2021)

New Features

  • Three.js and WebGL support management between Slider Revolution AddOns


  • Installing slider templates with higher version requirements allows to download templates even if current installed version is not able to handle the data
  • Mobile issues with blurred and 3d animated elements (i.e. Black Friday Template)
  • Static HTML5 video layers can not be imported in editor due to invalid id failure
  • Fullscreen button on HTML5 video is not responding or closing full screen after opening
  • Spinner is showing up under 100ms, even if next carousel element reached
  • Exporting sliders with SVG has a problem when the server was changed from http:// to https://
  • Importing sliders with SVG in the global slide does not properly import them
  • Video background on IE with landscape video not fitting entire canvas
  • Canvas animation brakes in some cases iOS memory limits, and use too many resources on retina displays
  • Max width of container would stretch image content, and still keep some cached values on original height
  • Play button appears on slide background video
  • WPMU DEV websites issues with the usage of WordPress based caching results in Slider not beeing able to be saved properly

Version 6.4.8 (16th April 2021)

New Features

  • SVG Layer: Added new option ‘Style All Elements’, enabling it will style all SVG elements in layer, like ellipse, polygon etc.
  • Added popup on “url hash” to shortcode builder options
  • Added “1 Time per session Pop Up” option with session length (default 24 hours) in the shortcode builder options. (Disable and reload frontend to clear cookie)


  • Videos will not be prepared at the start on invisible slides, which will avoid unwanted loading side effects
  • Backend optimiziation, further editor loading time and runtime optimizations
    • Replaced Select2 function with ThemePunch functions which brings a great performance boost on the backend
    • Optimized the opening processes in the slider editor. Less loops on multiple draws until all elements are created
    • Replaced tons of innerHTML content building due documentFrames creation
    • Replaced slow input element initialisation processes
    • Added further RAF processes in drawing and initialisation processes to optimize editor runtime processes
    • Changed behaviour by dropping/dragging layers when a group is overlaying rows and columns with an overdimensioned shape inside


  • Multiselect dropdowns do not show the selected values
  • Scrolling, resizing screen during select dropdown is open, puts the dropdown offseted to original select position
  • Resizing Layers in editor with aspect ratio set to “auto” or “none” calculates the wrong height of element or giving NaNpx as result
  • Particles Addon 2.3.5: Custom 1 Colored SVG files from Original library can not be colored by particle styles
  • Swapping between External source, image source and solid color/transparent do not update the current slide background image in editor
  • Higher Modal window may add horizontal scrollbar on Window resize
  • Draging Text layer wrap the text if layer hit the right side of parent container, after releaseing all good
  • Slide based aligned layers in backend positioend wrong if layers added to group

Version 6.4.7 (23th March 2021)

New Features

  • Global option internal caching added. This will cache slider HTML to improve loading times


  • Issue with high resolution displays and multiple slicey elements. Elements are scaled or getting very slow. Fix is available in Slicey AddOn 2.1.1
  • {{featured_image_url_original_size}} not working properly.

Version 6.4.6 (20th March 2021)


  • DPR got now also auto max values and default is auto DPR
  • Removed unneeded functions and files on WP pages and posts
  • Reduced and cleaned up some of the PHP sources
  • Added indexes to Slider Revolution tables
  • Partly optimized db queries (More will come in next udpates)


  • YouTube video on mobile does not start automatically
  • YouTube video on event pauses, plays and pauses again
  • Gutenberg styling issues after latest WP version update
  • Layer images and background images do not load sometimes (mostly over CDN, or with lazy loading 3rd party plugins)

Version 6.4.5 (19th March 2021)


  • One time error occuring in the update process introduced in 6.4.4
  • There was an empty line in the plugin overview at Slider Revolution
  • All text was getting selected at once, now user can select layer text manually
  • On resize Vimeo and YouTube iframes were getting affected by ‘Twenty Twenty One’ theme and causing them to get wrong sizes
  • Sometimes resizing would create horizontal scrollbar or leave blank space on right side
  • Image loading times out on slow network before load, now slider will wait longer for images to load
  • Custom SVG elements would not create a new category on upload, and setting favorite on them would first be visible after reload
  • Pan zoom may show half sized images after the latest DPR function

Version 6.4.4 (17th March 2021)


  • Slides with random speed will fall back to 1000ms, random speed won’t be allowed any more
  • Distortion AddOn stretch images. Option added to set optional scaling


  • If scrollbar gets removed due to page height change then sometimes the slider doesn’t resize
  • Fixed WPBakery page builder block styling
  • HTML5 video layer cover sizing
  • Video fit cover option was causing issues to Vimeo/YouTube backgrounds
  • Bg cover and x% offset calculates the horizontal offset wrong wise on the vertical axis
  • Fixed Vimeo thumbnail not loading in editor.
  • All cookies were decoded by RS, now only cookies set by RS are decoded.
  • Video play/pause button was not showing on mobile.
  • TypeWriter layer postions are not correct in fullscreen sliders. Revolution Slider version 6.4.4 and TypeWriter AddOn version 2.1.1 required
  • Deep linking does not always link to the right page

Version 6.4.3 (9th March 2021)


  • HTML5 video and background layer have a new option ‘Video Fit Cover’, by default this option is enabled to fit videos as cover. Disable it in case of video size jumps on slide change.
  • Force cover option on bg videos has been removed, the overlay option is now always available on bg videos


  • Layer videos without poster image and paused not showing until revisiting the slide
  • Filter willow breaks in Safari the background visibility. Safari will show a simple black and white filter instead
  • HTML5 video does not playing when the preload options are set to ‘disabled’
  • Navigation thumb shows more thumbs on mobile due to a width calculation bug
  • Slider not resizing on touch screen desktop screens
  • Background video was getting pushed out of view if filter is set on slide
  • Long videos sometimes buffer. Logic for how videos start playing has been changed to address this but it still depends on browser’s prediction and can’t be always gauranteed
  • Overlay pattern was not working on video layer
  • Backend canvas was not clearing completely if browser was zoomed in
  • Justified carousel ignores aspect ratio at the first load if external images are used
  • Max amount of thumbnails is not working if the thumbnail space is set with the px suffix

Version 6.4.2 (26th February 2021)


  • Slides are now numbered in the actions choices for better usability


  • Video with unusual aspect ratios zoom in after slide animation. object-fit:cover is now removed from html5 videos
  • Material icon size conflict with WPBakery plugin resolved
  • Retina display shows blurry background images after Slide background animation
  • Random slide background animations break the editor and does not show transitions on frontend
  • Background rendering on auto size, % size, background aligns and background repeats like repeat-x and repeat-y do not render well since version 6.4.0

Version 6.4.1 (24th February 2021)


  • Already created modules with slot slide transitions cause an error in 6.4.0
  • Firefox character animation with blur has artifacts

Version 6.4.0 (24th February 2021)

New Features

  • Added gradient animation style (fading and sliding) to allow different hover animation effects on gradient layer backgrounds
  • Added canvas based slide animations
    • New sorting of animation types
    • Very smooth and effective rendering of animations
    • Extended the library with tons of new effects
    • Added options like timing, flow, index, row & columns, filters, rotation, scale, motion filters
    • In and out animation can be differently handled now
    • Video, PanZoom, local and external images can be now animated without limitations
  • Apple mouse and touch pads can now also scroll the carousel templates horizontal


  • Parallax has been optimized to avoid calculations on inactive slides
  • Changed several internal PHP scripts to improve speed and memory usage
  • Updated the Google Fonts list
  • Slicey AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.1.0
  • Before After AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.1.0
  • Revealer AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.2.0
  • Distortion / Liquied Effect AddOn support to RS 6.4.0 added. Required version 2.1.0
  • TypeWriter layer position will auto update if the layer dimension is set to auto. Required version 2.1.0
  • Lottie AddOn version 2.0.5 added “Respect Timeline Start” option. Requires RS 6.4.0


  • WP-CLI global variables issues are now fixed.
  • Shape layer with stream sources will show icon now and will hide coloring and image.
  • Hover animations from gradient to solid, solid to gradient will work well now in the editor and frontend
  • Protection against an issue where rapidly opening modal windows in the row may break the page
  • Dragging layer in animation mode where init values is inherit do not change the x,y transition values
  • SVG layer icons show text layer icon on timeline
  • Fixed issues in the Slider Revolution Gutenberg block causing React warnings
  • Fixed slide thumbnail previews not always refreshing in admin
  • Fixed parallax causing screen artifacts in rare cases
  • Progress bar circle throws error if radius is smaller than strength
  • Blur overflows the image layer on Safari
  • Fast clicking on carousel would trigger “cancel” event on carousel and carousel would fail
  • Added protection against third party plugins/themes conflict with slider background images
  • Clicking outside of a modal fails to close the modal

Version 6.3.10 (8th February 2021)


  • Frames with filters rendering glitch due the latest fixes in version 6.3.8 and 6.3.9

Version 6.3.9 (3rd February 2021)


  • Before After interaction not available if thumbnail or tab navigation is enabled
  • Slider export with audio files missing the file or url pointing on the original audio file
  • Issues with audio editing in backend. Playback can not be started
  • Filter effects produce artifacts on hover animations since the latest fix 6.3.8

Version 6.3.8 (2nd February 2021)


  • Layer animated with blur produce artifacts in Chrome version 88 and Chrome version 89

Version 6.3.7 (25th January 2021)


  • In some odd cases slider is hidden in the Facebook “In App Browser”
  • Installing AddOn does not show the installed version until refreshing the page
  • “Observe Wrap” option is not working

Version 6.3.6 (20th January 2021)

New Features

  • Added a “wrapper observer” option to execute a module redraw in case the wrapper dimension has changed. This is useful for modules in tabs. Check the editor/general/browser behavior tab


  • Carousel layers sometimes animate again after changing slides
  • Carousel rows change in size after being focused, if column has an overdimensional image
  • PHP notices sometimes influence content and content dimensions
  • Bubble Morph dimension issues in carousel
  • Images are not fetched from WooCommerce posts, if “image from stream if exist” is selected
  • Steam preview shows wrong error information
  • Custom particle not using the correct color in particle effects
  • Issues with toggle media and mute in groups
  • FilmStrip scrolling issues on mobile
  • Wrong dimension calculations sometimes causes overlapped layers in the editor
  • Global color skin modal not showing automatically
  • Google fonts download for Material Icons to host Material Icons locally not working correctly
  • WhiteBoard addon issues
  • Updated and extended error messages if the stream is not available. The preview will be auto closed
  • Dragging a carousel when touching a link does not work in some cases
  • Translated slides are not removed if the parent slide has been deleted
  • “From left” and “from right” animations on rows have wrong offset values
  • Vimeo “Auto Play: Off” and “Mute at Start: Off” is not playing music, neither does it show the mute/unmute button on mobile devices
  • Changing animation attributes on the “Anim From” keyframe, does not visually update changes
  • Dragging layers in animation view doesn’t change the values of the selected (Set as Editor View) frame

Version 6.3.5 (31st December 2020)


  • Added a protection against loop animation on layers where curviness was allowed and no values were set on x,y which may have produced console errors
  • Changing metas in the navigation editor will now straight add changes to the global and slide based styles
  • Fixed: Post excerpt limitations will now really make a difference between words and chars
  • Fixed: The vertically position of the progress bar may not show up well on slides with dynamic height in carousel view
  • Reducing amount of columns in a row will now copy layers from the “removed” column into the last existing column
  • Fixed: Rare error in backend that prevented editing sliders in case the new covered mode of layers has been used
  • Fixed: Chrome layout breaks on device orientation change

Version 6.3.4 (23rd December 2020)

New Features

  • Added PHP 8.0 compatibility
  • Added vertical and horizontal mask offsets to the navigation thumbs and tabs to allows shadows and glows on objects


  • Videos may have started on the 1st click on the module in case the video was already played and paused. This comes due to a fix for the new browser rules which would not allow to play any media without user interaction. Now further protection has been added
  • Added protection in the editor against corrupt layers which are not standard and have been added due to an earlier bug in very rare situations.
  • Depricated function align left, right, center of the module has been removed. Floating of full container must added on a higher container structure and not within the slider itself anymore.
  • Fixed integration of Essential Grid, which was not loading as an embeded layer in Slider Revolution on second or further slides
  • Slider with static group layers may got huge offsets next to the module on mobile devices. This overflow issue has been fixed now
  • Fixed Maintenance AddOn WP 5.6 compatibilty. Requried AddOn version: 2.1.3
  • Navigation default font-family was not editable/available in the navigation editor and in the slide/module navigation presets
  • Selected navigation type did not open up the right modal if the navigation has been edited


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How can I make sure my script and templates are virus-free?

If you want to make sure that an add-on is virus-free, you can use to analyze files online through your browser and be sure that they are safe files.

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Yes, they are safe since they are 100% original, bought from the developers.

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